We believe in the power of sustainable brands to transform the world whilst delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. This isn’t just financially astute, it’s ethically imperative; our modus operandi.

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A currently underinvested segment, ethically inclined consumer brands are expanding rapidly. Ethical consumer spending is not simply a trend; it’s a generational shift in purchasing habits driven by a technological revolution. Sustainability gives a brand authenticity, trust and a definable social purpose, all the while creating products or services perceived to be of superior quality.

This helps brands grow quickly, energise customers, and attract trade buyers. Sustainability also fuels efficiency, as well as staff motivation and retention. Supply chains become more transparent, waste is reduced and operational issues are readily identified. We are uniquely designed to be the investor of choice for sustainable business, ethically certified and aligned to the mission in every way.


What our companies look like

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  • Sustainable businesses in the UK and Western Europe

  • Majority or influential minority stakes

  • Established companies, typically>£5m revenue

  • Profitable, soon to be profitable, or already large enough to deliver cash profit



  • 5 to 7-year typical hold period to allow us to patiently future-proof our businesses for commercial growth and sustainability

  • We mutually agree the appointment of a chairman, qualified in the industry, to act as coach and mentor

  • We take board representation and help establish appropriate governance, providing guidance and project management in matters of sustainability

  • Typical equity cheque size of £5m to £25m

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LP-friendly philosophy

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We bring the disciplined monitoring and obsessive diligence of traditional private equity into the impact sphere. When combined with our consumer specialism and our expertise in sustainable operations, we can offer brands the opportunity to grow without compromise, maximising their commercial potential while strengthening their sustainability.


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